What is the Cost of LMS Software in India?


What is the cost of LMS software in India

Without a doubt, online learning is the way of the future. According to the 2020 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 57 percent of L&D departments aim to increase their spending on online learning in the coming year. According to Training Magazine’s 2019 Training Industry Report, 44 percent of firms plan to invest in online tools and systems to aid learning.

Since more firms are moving to remote or semi-remote work, a good online training system is more necessary than ever. However, e-learning isn’t solely used by remote enterprises. An asynchronous learning strategy can assist almost every firm.

It’s not as straightforward as signing up for some online classes and diving right in. How do you go about making them? Where will they be housed? How will you assess their efficacy?

The core of online learning is learning management systems. An LMS is the software that allows you to design, distribute, and administer your learning programmes.

The business sector began to use and adapt LMS software in the early 2000s to help fulfil their learning and development (L&D) demands. LMSs have grown from awkward e-learning course-delivery systems to entire online learning platforms with course-building, administration, and analytics tools, thanks to an inflow of interest and investment. Corporate LMSs are now worth $2.5 billion, and 79 percent of all LMS users aren’t in the education industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about learning management systems and how to pick the best one for your business, plus to help you choose the proper vendor:

What is a Learning Management System (LMS) ?

With technology’s presence in the realm of training and education, the art of learning takes on a new paradigm. A Learning Management System or LMS for short, is a software-based platform that artistically defines learning procedures that are separate from traditional learning approaches. To be more specific, a learning management system organises the process of learning. With the help of learning management system software, you can easily develop, maintain, and transmit material to the internet world.

An LMS Platform can be divided into two categories:

The server component that has an impact on the management elements.

A user interface that creates a pleasant environment for both learners and administrators.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, various LMS platforms have grown in popularity. During its early stages, the online learning system began to establish itself in the educational arena, eventually spreading its grandeur to the corporate and other sectors. The Training Management Software is utilised to provide training to people from varied backgrounds; whether it’s a compliance or instructional training session, an LMS does its job well. E-learning began its journey as a perfect marriage of education and technology.

The e-learning industry is a thriving industry that allows for systematic online education as well as content management. Personalized learning, gamification, and mobile learning are just a few of the sophisticated features that have flourished as a result of technological advancements. Furthermore, as technology advances, the world of LMS will see a slew of new developments, paving the way for a more engaging and convenient learning experience. FODUU LMS is one such learning management system that aims to provide high-quality online education to people all over the world.

What Is the Purpose of Learning Management System Software? (LMS Software)

Getting your hands on the Best LMS offers up a world of ease that attracts the attention of both learners and administrators who will be using this online programme. FODUU LMS boosts the learning process by seamlessly integrating complicated databases and digital frameworks for managing, generating, tracking, and archiving information on the Online Training Platform. It encompasses two significant domains: universities and corporations. Every domain has a well-rounded admin functionality and a well-presented training session tailored for the online world.

Institutes of Higher Learning

The educational institutions believe in instilling pedagogy that is closely aligned with current technology advancements. Having stated that, an online learning system is one of the best techniques that humanity in the twenty-first century could use. Engaging learning sessions, a desire to learn something new, material availability, expanding learning horizons, and so on are some of the characteristics of a great online education software. The need for an LMS in the educational sector was prompted by the diversity of course content and the risk of missing essential sessions.

Organizations in Business

A tailor-made e-Learning System is required to nurture an enthusiastic and ever-joyous work atmosphere by inducing timely training, induction programmes, orientation programmes, compliance programmes, and so on. This strengthens any training requirements that a corporation might have. Furthermore, the LMS platform would be wisely stripped down to manage, impart training, and perform various administrative tasks, combining the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of Using a Learning Management System (LMS)

Whether it an educational institution or a business, a learning management system software encourages continual learning. When it comes to preserving learning materials, it may be compared as an infinite library with no limits. Some of the features that characterise the authenticity of the top LMS on the market are ease of understanding and implementation. Here are a few benefits that every LMS proudly proclaims.

1. Reduces Your Expenses

Educating a student or employee necessitates spending money on a trainer, a location, and the necessary materials, among other things. When it comes to educating a student or training an employee, an online training programme can help you save money. All you’ll need is a device with access to the required courses and an internet connection.

2. A Knowledge Expansion

It has the ability to contain indefinite amounts of information. The administrator can easily develop and change relevant content for users who will be found online. Furthermore, because the content is always available on the internet platform, no employee or student will miss any training sessions. The online training software is a cloud-based learning system that allows you to save all of your materials in one location and access them at any time.

3. Easily accessible from any location and on any device

The user can access the content whenever they need it, regardless of their geographic location or the device they are using. Regardless of whether the user is using a desktop or a mobile phone, the online training platform is accessible to them. Users can access the learning sessions at any time because the content is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because there are no constraints on accessing the content, this aids in information retention.

4. Effortlessly locates Learner Performance Reports, Assessment Tools, and other tools maintain track of the learner’s progress. A course management system’s capabilities extend beyond absorbing and transmitting content; it also assists in tracking how well the learner comprehends the learning sessions. To be more specific, training tracking software aids in the monitoring of a learner’s performance report.

5. Makes Use Of Social Sharing Icons

The social media icons are aesthetically integrated into the online learning management system so that users may share their progress reports and thoughts with the online community. This will pave the road for social learning, removing the sense of isolation that learners could otherwise experience. All LMS platforms nowadays have the ability to energise social learning in the online world.

6. Content Creation Is Simple

The abundance of eLearning tools justifies the creative learning sessions that can be found in the best online learning platform. The learning sessions may be simply built and chunked into training sessions that learners can access at any time and from any location.

7. Reduces the volume The Time for Growth and Learning

It’s a piece of cake to add and change content in an e-learning system. This reduces the time it takes to develop content for users to a great amount. Furthermore, the manner the content is presented makes it simple for users to not only complete the sessions but also retain the information with comfort and calm. In terms of learning and development, selecting the greatest online learning platform will undoubtedly pay off.

8. Effective Professional and Personal Development

An online learning management system has shifted the paradigm of learning, allowing anyone, regardless of age, gender, or vocation, to absorb the appropriate amount of information. As a result, e-learning software not only aids in personal and professional development, but also helps to bring learning to a worldwide platform that is devoid of geographical barriers.

Components of a Learning Management System (LMS)

E-learning software’s intricacies are what make it one of the most sought-after technological products on the market. Having stated that, each course management system is comprised of a set of components that establish its legitimacy. The following are some common components found in practically every LMS.

  • Allows you to curate and update content based on your choices and needs.

  • The capacity to keep track of and control the amount of people who are logged in.

  • A training tracking programme that aids in self-evaluation.

  • The ability to view information in multiple languages.

  • A multitude of information to track the users' performance.

  • On social media sites, people share information and knowledge.

  • It's possible to use it on several devices.

  • A plethora of e-learning technologies that make it simple to build a learning management system's efficiency.

  • Allows for both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

How much does LMS cost in India?

When it comes to picking a learning management system, higher education institutions prioritise cost (LMS). Most educational institutions seek to provide their students with online learning opportunities while maintaining within budget. Because providers offer different payment schemes, price comparisons for LMS solutions can take some time. Some suppliers publish pricing information on their websites, while others request that you contact them directly for an estimate via various channels.

Before deciding on the finest LMS software, each firm must consider a number of variables in order to get superior learning outcomes. Is it user-friendly, for example, are some of the questions they must answer. Is it complete? Does it include all of the necessary features? Does it offer mobile compatibility (mobile lms), as well as ease of use, interactivity, and other features? Is the cost of an LMS reasonable?

In India, the LMS market is now booming. LMSs and related services are available at reasonable prices from India’s leading LMS service providers. Consumers can take use of fantastic LMS services for as little as Rs 20,000 to as much as Rs 1,00,000. You can also check out our afoordable LMS price packages and use our FODUU LMS if you’re seeking for a dedicated education-based LMS. Our most basic LMS model is absolutely free, but others with more extensive capabilities are available for a small fee.

How much does an LMS cost per user?

It’s not easy to assess LMS pricing in India. It depends on a variety of criteria, like the number of users, the features accessible, hosting capabilities, and so on.

These are some of the best LMS service providers that provide consumers with a variety of features such as blended learning, customisation, gamification, interactivity, mobile compatibility, and more.

FODUU LMS is known for providing a wide range of services at reasonable pricing. It has a number of features, including the following:

  • Gamification
  • intuitive interface
  • video conferencing
  • mobile learning
  • analytics/reporting
  • performance tracking
  • content library
  • synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • customization and branding
  • customer support
  • third party integrations
  • no upfront costs


FODUU LMS provides an ecommerce platform to sell and manage your eLearning courses online and thereby you can:

  • Maximise your return on investment
  • Reduce delivery costs
  • Increase your training outreach

Because of its simple layout, seamless features, quick response, and other benefits, FODUU LMS is one of the most popular platforms in India. The popularity or choice of LMS platforms, on the other hand, is purely determined by the type and size of the company.

How much does an LMS cost?

So, what is the ideal LMS pricing plan in India for firms who want to save money while increasing productivity? In practise, it is dependent on the type of business with which the users are associated. SMBs and corporations can use a cloud-based LMS that is licenced for a charge. This will save them money and allow them to use it for a longer period of time.

Even with a thorough LMS Pricing Comparison, picking the optimal LMS pricing model might be difficult. Users must acquire information about several service providers, evaluate their performance and offerings, and determine which LMS is the most beneficial to them. They can decide which LMS model is ideal for them based on these facts. At FODUU, we offer the most competitive price alternatives that can be accessed with simplicity. Do you want to learn more about our fantastic learning management system (LMS) and e-learning pricing models?

Learning Management System (LMS) Software Cost



  • Multiple course create
  • Single Payment Gateway
  • Single currency for particular country
  • Sell individual courses
  • Video course (View and download) No Quiz option
  • 1 month support

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  • Multiple course create
  • Single Payment Gateway
  • 1 currency options (switchable from admin)
  • Sell membership or individual course (any one)
  • Quiz creation (general quiz)
  • 3 month support

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  • Multiple course create
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • 2 currency options (switchable from admin)
  • Sell membership or individual course
  • Quiz creation & certificate
  • 12 month support

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What is the best LMS software in India?

FODUU Learning Management System enables businesses, individuals, and educators/trainers to CREATE, MANAGE, and SELL online training courses at their leisure.

Our intuitive learning platform takes a thoughtful and adaptive approach, making it a more configurable, dependable, secure, and simple-to-use LMS system to fit your specific learning requirements.


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